We Press Play: Episode #27

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What’s that you hear? That’s right, a newly mastered podcast, hot off the presses! Only two bits a gander! Sailing only the least charted seas, we’ve got a giant breakdown on Uncharted 4, a quick dip into hell to face our Doom, Simon showing his true colours as an Insurgent, your fine emails, hot 3D-Printer news, riffin’ on Video Game Movies, terrible segment music, and much more! As a side note, we’ve tried a few things differently this week in regards to our mastering process, if you’ve got any feedback – shoot us an email.

We’ve got a new email address: podcast@wepressbuttons.com – send your questions there!

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Show Notes:

  • Ass Cred: The Movie
  • Doom Pricing
  • Peachy Printer Confession
  • Dankfeld
  • Doom Steam Page
  • Insurgency Steam Page
  • Overwatch Blue Post on Cheating
  • Overwatch had 9.7 Million Beta Players
  • Warcraft Actor Sucks With CGI
  • Civilization 6
  • Paradox Defends Negative Reviewer
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