We Press Play: Episode #22

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(VR conversation starts at 13:30)


V I R T U A L R E A L I T Y.

It’s here (for those of us lucky enough to receive our hardware).

Thankfully, that includes us! Dan and Jamie have their Vives, and have spent a solid week opting-out of the real world. We’ve got the trappings of a normal podcast, but make no mistake – this is a VR-Heavy show, be warned! We’ve got features and impressions of the hardware, early experiences with some launch titles, flat tyres, concerns about theft, Jazzercise-esque Audioshield experiences, and much more!

Check it out above!

Check out the archive here!

(Image taken from /r/Vive)

We’re running through and recording some video of us trying out a whole bunch of experiences this Friday, so stay tuned!

Show notes:

  • Hyper Light Drifter Steam Page
  • Space Pirate Trainer Steam Page
  • Hover Junkers Steam Page
  • Final Approach Steam Page
  • Budget Cuts Steam Page
  • Blarp! Steam Page
  • Job Simulator Steam Page
  • Tilt Brush Steam Page
  • The Gallery – Ep 1: Call Of The Star Seed Steam Page
  • The FOO Show Steam Page
  • Fantastic Contraption Steam Page
  • The Lab Steam Page
  • Felt Tip Circus Steam Page
  • Modbox Steam Page
  • Windlands Steam Page
  • Cloudlands: VR Minigolf
  • Audioshield Steam Page
  • Alt Space VR Steam Page
  • Virtual Desktop Steam Page
  • Sculptr VR Steam Page
  • Unseen Diplomacy Steam Page
  • Apollo 11 VR Steam Page
  • #SelfieTennis Steam Page
  • Euclidean Steam Page
  • Pierhead Arcade
  • Universe Sandbox 2 Steam Page
  • Metal Gear Solid Ford Commercial
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