We Press Play: Episode #18

Come one, come all – and hear the story of woe and intrigue that plagued the short-lived Caleco Chameleon! Also, it’s a podcast! We talk Division, gush relentlessly about Stardew Valley, unravel the mystery of Fishing Planet, dive deep into the future of console gaming, answer your emails, and much much more!

Check it out below!

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Show notes:

  • Guts
  • Fishing Planet Steam Page
  • Snow Steam Page
  • Penetration
  • Eve Online’s Project Discovery
  • Overwatch release date and purchase, DON’T PREORDER IT
  • Phil Spencer says PC gamers won’t buy an Xbone
  • Bing to Google Chrome extension for Windows 10 users
  • Diablo 2 patch
  • Warcraft 3 patch
  • The Life and Times of the Coleco Chameleon
  • Rocket League basketball on the way
  • Riot most likely creating a robot fighitng game
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