We Press Play: Episode #17

SEASON TWO IS UPON US. Starting in the greatest season since Season One, we are joined by the illustrious and mysterious man himself, Simon McDowell! He’s got answers, we’ve got questions, and you’ve got ears. We’ve also got your run-of-the-mill insanity that is our email section (thank-you for that, by the way), questions about whether or not Stardew Valley should be a schedule 1 substance, a myriad of watersports, Morgan’s bathroom cleaning tips, and MUCH MORE.

Check it out below!

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Show notes:

  • Microsoft UWP apps across all devices, including XBOne
  • No Man’s Sky webpage
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division Datamining Results
  • OR
  • Buy it on Steam
  • Or
  • Uplay, if you’re into that
  • South Australian Target trips over censorship laws
  • Stardew Valley Steam page
  • The Forest Steam page
  • Dota 2 Shanghai Major Champs, and Apologies
  • Manila Major blog post
  • Good Shit
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