We Press Play: Episode #16

This podcast is SUPER HOT. We get loose, fresh, rad and a variety of other 90’s adjectives in this smaller-scaled podcast, discussing all kinds of video games, how many children Morgan could take in a fight to the death, the drama of the Dota 2 Shanghai Majors, Dwayne Johnson, Vive pre-orders, more clicker games, stolen artwork, and at least 5 other things of general interest!

Check it out below!

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Show notes:

  • Devil Daggers Steam Page
  • Superhot Steam Page
  • Motivation
  • Naughty Dog taking Ubisoft’s art in Uncharted 4 trailer
  • Freshly edited Uncharted 4 trailer
  • Sword Art Online MMO Ruse
  • Rikishi Stinkfacing Dwayne Johnson
  • HTV Vive international pricing
  • Dota 2 Shanghai Major Fiasco
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