We Press Play: Episode #14

John Daker. The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Also, Video Games! We talk about Rocket League’s new update in some pretty heavy depth, talk about Doors, discuss why Kangaroos are easily the most terrifying of all animals, Octopi vs. Dolphins, gaming-fatigue, zombie-clauses, realistic climbing physics, Jamie’s washing, and much more!


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Show Notes:

  • Octodad Steam Page
  • Rocky 3 Montage
  • Drake Break Theme
  • The Link Text you Want to Appear
  • Uncharted 4 gameplay trailer
  • Transistor Steam page and OST
  • Doors Steam page
  • Hello, I’m John Daker
  • GameTrailers shuts down after 13 years
  • Overwatch progression system
  • This kangaroo gets laid more often than me, counting for animal kingdom inflation
  • Lumberyard Zombie clause
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